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Easily monitor progress on your construction site

There’s a lot to keep track of on your site — project progress, the location of equipment, the volume of materials left — and an aerial view makes it all a lot easier.

Our latest generation of drones and cloud-based image processing puts professional quality aerial imagery into the hands of construction and project managers in a way that is faster, and more cost-effective than ever before.

Professional quality maps and 3D models enable you to instantly calculate aggregate volumes, keep track of equipment locations and monitor safety and environmental compliance.

  • Create 3D Point Clouds: Offering a series of results that are ‘denser’ than traditional laser-scanning, the point cloud is derived from a number of overlapping images which gives you precise locational data on your reconstruction of the object space
  • Digital Surface & Terrain Modelling: our digital models provide you with the elevation value of each pixel (with or without above-ground objects) which means they’re prepared to complement your preferred GIS workflow
  • Orthomosaic: Create a high-resolution map utilising each pixel of the original images which are projected onto the digital surface model which means there’s no distortion of perspective, allowing you to access truly accurate geolocation
  • Volume Calculations: You’re able to output calculated volumes which offer a flawless representation of stockpiles, supported by an editable base height, allowing for even more precise measurement
  • Contour Lines: For a quick, simplified visualisation of an area’s topography, this feature lays out a series of contours which roughly display the elevation of your subject
  • 3D Textured Model: Create a model using full-3D triangular mesh and photorealistic texturing
  • Thermography: Generate a radiometrically-precise thermal map with an accessible temperature value for each and every pixel



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