Weddings from a different perspective

We provide an aerial add on to wedding photographers looking to offer that extra service to their clients.

A drone is ideal for a wedding because it is going to capture a unique ‘complete’ view of the reception. There are things that you as a photographer will not see due to concentrating on the bride and groom.

We can capture the amazing moments of the wedding and reception with all the family and friends. We will also take photographs and video of the wedding venue and its beautiful surroundings.

Our drones are capable of recording images in 20.1mp raw format for editing in post. Also we shoot video in UHD 4k up to 60fps.

We will apply for all the relevant flight permissions and complete all the risk assessments before hand to ensure a smooth day.

If you are a wedding photographer and you would like to offer this service as an add on for your packages then please contact us for more details and to discuss things further.


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