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If you are an estate agent looking to sell a larger property where regular photo techniques are not going to work then a drone is your answer. We are able to showcase not only the property but also its location and vistas. We can provide fantastic aerial and ground based images including UHD 4k video that will wow your prospective customers whilst delivering a premium impression to your clients.

Our fleet of drones are capable of capturing images not possible previously with traditional photography techniques. We can photograph the property and surrounding land from up to 400 feet which gives us the opportunity to really showcase a location, highlight specific features and views and set it all to a soundtrack along with subtitles if required.

For property managers, facilities managers and local housing authorities our drones an amazing opportunity to save money for your business. Inspecting property and equipment at high levels above ground can be an expensive business involving scaffolding, cherry pickers and more. Roof inspections are notoriously disruptive often with more damage resulting from disturbing fragile structures such as slate tiling or corrugated roofing sheets. Using our advanced drones with no physical contact with the structure we can stream real-time images to the ground-based monitors, home in on areas of interest and capture HD images and video that can be examined in detail later. Only then if issues needing action are identified is expensive access equipment and working at height needed.

The images become a photographic record enabling; off-site inspection by surveyors / architects, competitive tendering for the work and post contract inspection for snagging. We specialise in roof inspections and building surveys at a competitive price. Our fleet of drones can access even the most difficult areas. The time it takes to carry out a task is minimal compared to getting scaffolding or specialist equipment in. It is a safer option, more cost effective and offers truly outstanding visual results.

You will be able to monitor all the footage that the drone is collecting from one of the remote ground station screens. This way if required you can instruct us where to film and to ensure that we capture every detail and image that is needed for the building survey.



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